FUN Wellness is a company that believes Wellness can be achieved in a Fun and Enjoyable way. We aim to make your wellness experience F-U-N, Fantastic, Unique and Never-ending.

It’s all about you and your team. You speak, we listen and customize to help you achieve your Wellness Goal.

We bring Wellness to you and help re-energize your team.


The idea of starting a Wellness Company came to me when I was taking a break from my corporate travelling life in late 2017.
At that time, I shared the idea with a good friend who I was travelling with and she was instantly onboard with the thought of being able to help people keep fit and stay healthy.
Having fallen in love with Taiwan during my travels, I thought that it will be nice to start the company in Taiwan. Returning back to Taipei after my travels, I met up with some friends to bounce off the idea, my direction and aim of this company and to share the first draft of my business plan. I was extremely pleased to realise that I had consensuses with my company’s intentions and plans.
In the process of sharing the idea with people, I realized that I had many talents around with the brains and capabilities to team up with me to build the company.
Together with my core team, we aim to make every wellness experience a Fun and Enjoyable one.

Founder & Director
August 2018

Our Team

Karen Seak

I am the Founder and Director of FUN Wellness, a company that believes Wellness can be achieved in a Fun and Enjoyable way. I started of working as a nurse in the operating room before moving into the corporate world holding various regional positions.
Through the years, I have learnt that while pursuing a career, wellness should not be forgotten or compromised.
I hope that by bringing wellness programs into the workplace, it will help to remind people the importance of wellness and to gain some good habits and kick away some bad ones.


In the past when I was working in different companies, I have always tried my best to be as good an employee as possible, which means to work really hard. Due to the busy work schedule, I picked up bad habits along the way, like being sedentary, staring at the screen for long hours and eating unhealthily, slowly, this became my way of life.
However, as a Dietician and despite having a lot of knowledge about nutrition and health, I wondered why I was not able to implement that knowledge and why I was living in such an unhealthy manner. This really made me think a lot and finally made changes to my lifestyle.
Joining FUN Wellness, I hope that I will be able to help more people like me. In FUN Wellness, we provide more than just dietary and nutritional knowledge. Instead we will combine knowledge with fun through challenges to enhance the company’s overall awareness to health, lead all employees unconsciously to healthy behavioural changes and to achieve the ultimate goal – Wellness.

Dr. J

With the changing times, people are nowadays more aware and particular about their health and leading a quality life. Unfortunately, due to their busy schedule and lack of motivation, they are unable to keep up with a healthy routine and live a life that they deserve.
FUN Wellness aims to help people get back into a healthy routine and to live the life that they should be living.
It is not only about exercise, nutrition also plays an extremely important role. Therefore, we bring both essential elements to your convenience, at your workplace, where you do not need to travel, able to save on transportation time and together with your workmates, encourage each other to get into a healthy routine, isn’t this just simply beneficial?! Lastly, I sincerely hope that everyone will lead a healthy life and not having to visit the doctors.


I have been in the health industry for a few years now, mainly working on health promotion initiatives. During my course of work, I realize that people are only aware of health when they have lost it. Therefore, making it more challenging and requiring more effort to regain back one’s health. The key to lifelong wellness should not be treating an illness, but instead to prevent from one by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Prevention is always better than cure.
This is the main objective of FUN Wellness, aiming to change your lifestyle, step-by-step. I believe the small changes will guide you to a healthier lifestyle without you even noticing.
I am convinced that a person will excel in a happy and challenging environment. With that in mind, the workplace where you spend most of your time is the focus. I hope that we will be able to help you, your team, or your employees, achieve the wellness that is deserved.

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